5 Ways to Use Bamboo For Your Home


Homiful.com -- Not only as a plant for development, you can use bamboo to decorate the contents of your dream house. Bamboo matting can be used as decoration and applied to a variety of furniture. Like wood, bamboo is included in an environmentally friendly material. Bambo accents are suitable to be combined with various room designs, such as vintage, bohemian and natural.

This time, Homiful.com presents tips on using bamboo for a house with an aesthetic and contemporary design. Curious ? come on, we watch together !

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Bamboo matting can also be used as a hanging lampshade, you know. Bamboo is deliberately made a cone so that the incandescent lamp is not confined to the lampshade and can illuminate the room. This lamp shade can be installed in the dining room, terrace or in the family room. 

The lampshade can also be applied to a sticky lamp on the ceiling. Its existence is able to decorate a plain ceiling of a house. The woven bamboo motif of this lampshade will provide a calm atmosphere with a yellow light.


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To enliven the natural impression, bamboo sticks can be an alternative choice as a material for the space divider between the living room and the TV room in your home besides tree branches. You can arrange bamboo sticks neatly or randomly with different tilt angles and diameters to present a variety of styles and atmosphere of the room.

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Tired of the same multi-function basket ? A multifunctional basket made of woven bamboo can revive your home kitchen. What makes it look more contemporary are the motifs and colors of the woven bamboo. This bamboo woven basket in natural brown is always everyone's favorite. The motif is in the form of alternating boxes so that it looks younger.


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It's different again for bedroom decoration. Bamboo comes through a dirty clothes basket in the corner of the room, which is designed in a sleek and tall shape with a tight webbing and a lighter color texture. The price of woven bamboo for a multifunctional basket like this is quite affordable and you can find it easier to make a more aesthetic room.

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Wall decoration made of woven bambbo which makes the atmosphere of the terrace more natural with ancient decorations. You can neatly arrange cone-shaped bamboo mats to fill the accent walls more attractive. In order to add to the aesthetic value of the terrace, you can also add simple quotes in combination with other multifunctional bamboo interiors.

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