5 Small Kitchen Design for YOur Home


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Homiful.com -- Cooking really feels good when done in a spacious kitchen. However, if you home space is limited, then the right choice is to design a small kitchen that still prioritizes comfort and aesthetics. The following is an example of inspiring small kitchen design drawings that you can adopt in the narrow space of your home. May be useful!

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How about combining a small kitchen with a dining room at once ? So, for you inspiration, take a peek at this lovely small kitchen, where a clean look of navy and white is perfect for limited areas. Don't forget, lighting is the key so that the room is well lit so that room is bright, the air is clean and the family will really happy to spend time here.

Picture : @rumah_stia

Soft pastel colors are perfect for small kitchens. You can choose any pastel color you like and combine it with wood accents and white wall paints to make your kitchen look warm with a bright look. And last but not least for a small kitchen, you can apply shleves and storage cabinets that will make your small kitchen neat and leave plenty of space for you to move.

Picture : @anie_berolas

This small kitchen design is U-shaped with a semi-outdoor concepts that is integrated with the open side garden area of the house. Maximizing the limited space by combining a kitchen set and minimalist table can make cooking activities easier and more relieved. The cool atmosphere of the air that comes in from the garden can make the atmosphere of a white kitchen design more homey.

Picture : @dapurmungil

If you have a hard time choosing a kitchen set that is suitable for a small space. You can make a cabinet as well as a kitchen top table from ceramic finishing brick material that adjust the available corner area. You can use a darker ceramic accent color for a warm atmosphere if the room conditions have enough light circulation. Pay attention to the aesthetic side of the selection of hanging lamps, wall decorations and kitchen utensils with matching colors so that they are more pleasing to the eye.

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