5 Secrets To Creating The Most Amazing Terrace Garden


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Homiful.com -- During activities spent at home, many people tend to have impromptu hobbies to fill their time at home. One of them is gardening which makes it fresher. You don't have to large yard, gardening on the limited terrace of the house is still possible. There are many ways you can do to present a minimalist garden on your narrow terrace. Check out the following inspiration tips, yes !

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If you have limited land, just place a few tiny plants around it. Complete them with cute and attractive shaped pots to give the plant a more memorable appearance. Determine the theme of the garden even if you only use the terrace area of the house. Made minimalist with weather-resistant wood furniture, it doesn't hurt.


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For those of you who want to give a rustic and natural touch to your patio garden, using rocks as the main element can help you achieve this. Place the stone material on the edge of the surface that surrounds the floor tile. If you want to build a fairly large garden, add some large trees to complete the shady patio look.

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Presenting a vertical garden is an easy way to make your patio more beautiful with a garden. Not only that, this method is also quite easy to implement on your own and doesn't cost to much. Take advantage of the guardrail next to the house to attact green plants. And there is nothing wrong with adding a waterfall fish pond to collect rainwater to avoid puddles in the garden.


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One of the simplest ways to decorate and also have a garden on your side porch is to make a dramatic makeover to your garden ! Just place a few hanging pots that you can place to fill the roof ceiling to make it more pleasing to the eye. You can also find various types and size pots to suit your patio space. So that the garden feels prettier.

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