Plants Belong Inevery Room of You Home ! Check out These Inspiring Spaces -- Creating a comfortable and inspiring home is every family's dream. One of the decoration elements that always attracts attention is ornamental plants. In addition to adding aesthetic value to the room, ornamental plants also create fresh air, so that the atmosphere of the house becomes more alive and provides its own comfort.

Although not new, the use of ornamental plants as home decor is always evolving following the development of the times. Want to change the look of your home's interior design? Check out these inspiring space with the ornamental plants.

If you have a terrace with an all-white interior and wooden accents on each furniture, you can use many types of plants at once. Place them in various corners, on a table, next to patio chairs, or placed on vertical plant shelves to give freshness from every corner of the area. This way you managed to create a beautiful garden in the patio area with eco-friendly furniture.

Family room

If the family room you want maximizes the airy effect and does not feel too lush. You can choose one pot of medium-sized "rubber plants"  and place it in the corner by the window and the TV backdrops that easily looks like the design of this room.


If you run out of areas on the floor or on the table to put plants on the bedroom due to the limited size of the space, the idea of green accents hanging like the design above can be tried. Use rope ties or with macrame knot technique to make the look more attractive as a media display of a very unique hanging plant pot to beautify the look of the bedroom.

Dining room 

Your home dining room looks empty and boring ? Thus, by presenting fresh plants able to make the room feel more full and the appearance of the space to be more alive. As in the design of this house puts the greenery "lidah mertua" with a simple straight line of the leaf model in the dining room dominated by neutral colors and wood.


Putting greenery in the kitchen doesn't have to sacrifice a lot of space. There are many alternatives to choose from. One of them is by hanging a pot of greenery with a small pot placed on all the reproach elements of the backplash part of the kitchen and the upper cabinet. So that the cooking wiggle room will be freer and not disturbed by the absence of plants on the floor.

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