Get Your Kitchen Lighting On-point with These Ideas!

 Picture : @nanadtnadya -- Having a kitchen with a beautiful design is every mother's dream at home, especially those of you who often cook. To create a dream kitchen, you need the right furniture and a design that's a good one. However, that's not all. Lighting design becomes a component that is no less important. The light factor will determine whether the concept of the kitchen you are applying is in line with expectations or not.

For those of you who are looking for inspiration on how to make kitchen lighting to be on target. Lets take a look at some of the following tips. Your kitchen will look even more stunning with the right lighting.


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The soft lighting will create a warm and welcoming atmosphere inside. The way is to install a cone-shaped lamp that hangs over the dining table that is put together with the kitchen area. To make the most of it, you can also install a downlight with matching colors at the bottom of the upper cabinet that illuminate the focal point where you cook.


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Layered lighting is installing different light sources. You can use the lights on the ceiling of the room as the main lighting of your kitchen. To make the top kitchen look more charming and luminous, the presence of yellow light color is able to change the mood of cooking to be more focused and fun. The white kitchen can also increase the light can be emitted more widely, a bright neutral color can be applied to the kitchen that does not have outside windows.


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As for the kitchen accent with a darker, warmer wood chocolate, you can use many lights on each side of the corner of the kitchen, either in the open cabinet or the task light that illuminates directly to the kitchen table or where to cut your ingredients. So that the atmosphere of the kitchen even without the ventilation of the air, remains calm and the concentration of cooking becomes more effective.


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Decorative lamps are an additional light to beautify the kitchen. You can install this lamp on an island table or mini bar. The design of the lamp style can also vary. You can chppse a lamp design that fits the interior concept of the kitchen, as well as a completely different one with the main concept. For example, this kitchen makes decorative lamps with hexagonal frames as accents of color touches in a kitchen dominated by natural colors.


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Do you have a unique kitchen cabinet rack or a collection of dishes that you want to show off ? Try focusing by giving light accents to the parts you want to highlight. Installing strip lights under the cupboard or top cabinet is the most effective way. You can also add accent lighting to your closet or open shelf to highlight its contents. To help you more easily in finding cooking needs.


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