Decorating with Soft Colors for Small House -- Pastel or soft colors are colors that are obtained from a mixture of primary colors and white. For example, red, cream and white. The result, soft colors look bright and soft. Because of this nature, sometimes pastel colors are synonymous with girly impression and cannot be refused by women. This soft color in the form of small home decorations such as the following items will makes the house even more beautiful and adorable !

The living room feels empty ? Sweeten with the presence of lilies with touch of white which is placed on the coffee table or in the corner near the window frame. The flower vase will look even more adorable if you add plastic decorative flowers in striking colors or blue colors. As for the sofa section, use a pastel gray color with a touch of feather on the monochrome blankets and pillows.

Kitchen design that applies white nuances with a thick soft touch made of wood in several ornaments, making cooking activities calmer. The striking colors with the nuances of the wood pour modern style into every element of this minimalist kitchen. The room looks spacious and bright because of the white light reflected in the kitchen.

Entering the family room, which is decorated exactly like this living room, it looks minimalist with the use of a gray sofa and additional soft terracota and green round pillow that look adorable. In order to provide a cool and airy atmosphere, a coffee table with a unique shape and frame, indoor plants and decorative mirrors is the right choice to accent pastel colored spaces.

Enter a private bedroom that looks clear with a soothing atmosphere and makes sleep quality better.  A touch of soft green color on the bed can produce an epic combination of nuances with other bedroom decorations such as hanging plants, white curtains and traditional wooden ornaments.

The soft color touch decoration of this small residence uses more ornaments that have beautiful leaf and flower motifs. Chair made of wood which become cooler if you add foam seats with beautiful covers and complementary pillows that are cute and minimalist are able to accompany your relaxing time more optimally.



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