8 Popular Kitchen Themes

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Homiful.com -- Hai mom, welcome by Homiful.com. Talk about design interior, Housing plays a very important role in accommodating today's family lifestyle. One area that has an important role in smoothing family activities, especially mothers in daily life, is the kitchen. Therefore the kitchen needs to be designed according to the needs of its residents. The varied design of the kitchen theme will make you more able to design the kitchen according to your preferences and mood and be able to display a more attractive design. Here are the inspiration for the 8 most favorite kitchen themes.

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1. Scandinavian theme in a simple kitchen that looks clean

In the scandinavian theme, it emphasizes the appearance of simple lines in every element of the kitchen. The clean impression produced from the combination of white and wood elements at the top of the kitchen is able to make the atmosphere of this leter L kitchen cooler, comfortable and brighter.

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2. A classic vintage theme that is more artistic and beautiful for your kitchen

Presenting bright colors from a combination of white and tosca accents in the kitchen set. The elegant carved texture can increase the decorative value of the kitchen area. While the classic impression with finishing wood material that looks modern creates a minimalist and shady impression in the kitchen area.

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3. Simple open and minimalist kitchen design that makes the cooking atmosphere even more enthuasiastic

You like the outside world, applying an open concept that uses a light iron trellis as a divider for indoor and outdoor spaces to make the simple kitchen look brighter and more natural. The placement combined with the laundry area will not hinder activities, it will make the impression more familiar and efficient for mothers. The storage area is also made simpler and more spacious than the wall shelf so that cooking becomes more practical.

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4. Minimalist kitchen with a firm industrial theme

With a minimalist kitchen theme that uses empty space in the entrance and exit hallways of the house, you can apply industrial comcepts that area more cost effective. The use of materials made from coarse and unfinished materials ranging from cement and wood kitchens and exposed bricks which are distinctive with brick red color on the backplash which is thick with natural elements. The open space makes the atmosphere warmer and brighter.


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5. Modern minimalist kitchen design that looks elegant

Space is limited, allowing you to be better off if you use a modern minimalist style with wide window openings. The kitchen set is made of costum made from glossy white ceramic plating. With a touch of simple motifs on the backplash for a more colorful impression while for the upper storage area, you prefer open shelves made of wood to make it more spacious and roomy.

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6. Shabby chic style for those who like pink in a more beautiful kitchen accent

Do you like pink ? A shabby chic kitchen style or theme can be an option for you. You can apply this bright and characteristic color anywhere in the kitchen, either under-the stairs, living room or small space at once.

Designed from a pink kitchen set, happy cooking stickers to complementary decorative knick knack that make your small kitchen more eye catchy.

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7. Modern and shabby theme that looks elegant and even more luxurious in the kitchen

Combining two styles at once in one kitchen element will actually make the kitchen look more luxurious and elegant. Shabby style from a touch of pastel pink color combined with gray and glossy granite material on the kitchen top that radiates thanks to the dim hidden light. As a luxurious decoration, the addition of lighting from a unique lamp shape hangs on the ceiling so that the kitchen looks even cooler.

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