7 Best Indoor Plants For Your Home


Homiful.com -- These days, ornamental plants are often decorated in rooms in the house. The reason is simple, because houseplants are believed to be able to transform a room into a more lively and impressionable one. Adding indoor plants to the room will bring a wide variety of shapes and colors as well as a pleasant atmosphere. Let's take a peek at some special types of indoor plants from Homiful.com.


1. "Pakis Kelabang" plants or Nephrolepis

In the TV room you can add wood paneling as an open shelf as a beautiful display to display the type of lush pakis kelabang.  Because, this type of type is suitable to live in a room that is minimal in sunlight so that, it does not require much maintenance. The shape is characterized by soft leaves, and branches neatly from one end to the other. At first glance it looks like the body shape of a Centipede or kelabang, right ?


2. Hanging plants "sirih gading"

The hight kitchen set will feel lively and cool if you decorate it by placing the vine "sirih gading"  on the pot. As for filling the open part of the window space, beautiful plants that creep, such as "hidroponic mint" plants are able to change the atmosphere and air of the kitchen to be cooler and healthier.


3. "Pucuk kuning" that adorn the patio

If you prefer small indoor plants with simple leaves. Plants like this patio design can be an inspiration for you. One of them is a small yellow ornamental plants is a type of tree ornamental plant that likes full sunlight. Yellow shoots have the same properties and character as red shoots and can grow large.


4.  Goldseeds Kadaka  Ornamental plant lasagna

Kadaka is a type of ornamental plant that is quite popular in Indonesia. This plant that has another name "Sarang burung"  is actually a type of nail plant that is found in many humid places. Its beautiful look with wide, shiny leaves like a candle makes for a solitary appeal. No wonder many people are spun off which the beauty of this plant and make it as an ornamental for the design of a dream house.

5. "Alocasia" plant

Alocasia is currently one of the plants that is being used by ornamental plant lovers. The plant is still a family with philodendron, caladium, anthurium, and aglaonema.  Tropical plants have relatively cheap prices. Although the price is cheap, this plant has its own exotic side. The beauty lies in its green leaves if the colors is shiny. The wide and dangling leaves are perfect for filling the decoration of the space both the terrace and kitchen.


6. Cactus plants

Who doesn't like these cute indoor ornamental plants? This typical desert plant in a smaller size is a favorite plant to decorate the dry garden inside your home because of its very easy maintenance. Provide small pots and mini cacti can survive even with minimal lighting and are not too watered so as not to rot quickly.


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