6 Ways to Make the Most of Your Tiny Apartment Balcony


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Homiful.com -- Narrow space is not an obstacle for those of you who crave an attractive and comfortable balcony design in an apartment. Besides being able to pamper the eyes while relaxing and being used as an instagramable photo area, a comfortable balcony can also be used as the right area to work productively during the WFH period. Here are some tips and ideas to make your apartment balcony area more attractive.

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1. Give it a green look by adding plants

Decorate your balcony with plants to enhancce its appearance. You can create your balcony area with hanging plants on the roof, beautiful pots on the side of the balcony, or a small vase attached to the balcony wall. If you like a refreshing plant scent, choose dense herbal leaves to place on your balcony area.

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2. Put a minimalist wooden bench for a casual friend

One of the easiest ways to make your balcony more comfortable is to place a bench or two and a small table in the corner of the long balcony. That ways, you can sit back and admire the view from there, have a casual chat, or just enjoy a snack in the afternoon. Choose minimalist wooden furniture so that the space limit on the balcony does not become crowded and seems full.

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3. Give additional storage to fill the empty balcony wall

You can fill the empty balcony wall with vertical storage shelves that you can use as a plant display or reading books. You can also use artistic value displays according to your taste, so that your balcony feels more beautiful and filled. More interesting and striking than the colorful display on some balcony furniture, such as pillows, foam benches or colorful plants pots.

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4. Choose furniture that fits your theme and needs

Chairs and small tables are mandatory items that you must place in the balcony area. Choose the color and model of chairs and tables that match the balcony theme you want. Besides being able to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, you can do your work comfortably in the balcony area accompanied by cool air and an atmosphere that is safe from sunlight and rainfall.

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5. Create a private area on the balcony of your tiny apartment

If the balcony of your apartment is right next to your neighbor's balcony, place tall plants such as bamboo or palm in the corner of the transparent glass dividing that fills the balcony to create a natural and beautiful partition on your balcony. In addition, you can add brekele rattan chairs with unique comfortable foam holder hat doesn't take up much space.


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