6 Wall Color Mint Green gives your Living Room a Magical Flair


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Homiful.com -- Do you like green ? One type of green to choose from for your room is mint green. This coolor is considered suitable for various rooms and home interiors, one of which is the living room, ranging from minimalist to elegant interiors. Choosing a mint green color for the wall in the living room can give the the impression of a modern and magical interior room, you know. 

Well, if you need inspiration and an example of a room with mint green living room wall paint, consider the following room design ideas.

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Minimalist living room with a cheerful contrasting color combination. Besides giving a contemporary touch to the classic interior design, the mint green color on the walls can also give a modern and sophisticated touch to a living room with a minimalist interior. 

Combining mint green with wood accents on the floor and furniture materials can produce a cozy or comfortable feel. Besides that, a touch of contrasting yellow changes the atmosphere of the living room to be more striking and cheerful.

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The fresh mint green color is created in this simple living room. The living room that usually feels "warm" is replaced by a cool ambience with the application of these colors. This mint green color works well with various types of materials. For example, marble tiles on the room floor ir unfinished wood. This marble and mint green blends is very modern, making the living room bright and fresh.

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Green is a color that is synonymous with nature. Well, if you like nature, you can use mint green for the living room wall and complement it with ornamental plants and colors with minimalist-style light wood elements. In addition to plants that are good to care for, ornamental plants can also add to beautiful decorations for the living room of your house. You can also strengthen the natural and natural impression by choosing wood floors. Nice and magical, right?

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If you don't like flashy colors, a refreshing mint green accent wall can be collaborated with a dark blue long sofa complete with a touch of neutral colors on the pillows. Besides that, what attracts attention, creative wall hangings from various wall decorations that are neatly arranged according to size make the living room look more stylish. The standing lamp lighting also makes reading a book more focused and comfortable.

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If you are creative enough, the mint green color will actually look even more beautiful when combined with other colors in the wall paint pattern. Take a look at the living room inspiration above. The walls are covered in mint green, white, pink and gray color patterns that look attractive and cute with the matching gray sofa. The existence of standing lights seems to be made to make the area of the wall the center of attention in the space.

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