6 TV Cabinet Designs for Your Living Room


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Homiful.com -- A home with comfortable interiors is a haven for every family member. The concept of the house and every space contained in the house must be considered in order to create comfort as desired. One of them in the living room is equipped with a TV for gathering place and becomes a place to relax and enjoy leisure time by chatting and watching favorite TV shows. 

Threfore, it is important to determine the TV backdrop that will be used according to the concept of the room it self. Homiful.com will share about tips on choosing the right TV cabinet for your living room.

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Wood that has always been primed on furniture can be your material choice when choosing a TV rack. Wooden TV cabinets can provide a warmer room but can look stylish. Backdrop bracket TV that increases the focal point of the living room is more beautiful thank to the hidden light on the upper shelf. While the storage at the bottom can be useful as a storage space that looks neater.

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The room separator partition of commonly called partition you can try to apply as a TV backdrop in the living room. This type of backdrop is suitable for use in limited size rooms and also rooms that do require sealing. In addition to being unique, this TV backdrop also certainly has more function value with minimalist combination color accents. But keep in mind that because the partition that is also the TV backdrop is in the middle of the room it is better to choose a strong material.

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Although it has a small size with wooden material, the minimalist TV desk still has storage space that can be used for the storage of multimedia items complementing the TV. With this compact size also the TV desk can look simple and modern at the same time. Photo frames, books in baskets, vases can also be additional decorations that beautify your TV desk by adding vertical open shelves on the side of the TV.

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The minimalist design of the TV cabinets is considered to provide a simple interior look but still modern and also elegant. Minimalist TV cabinet can be obtained by using a simple, legged and neutral-colored rack type. A selection of colors such as white, cream and gray are suitable for producing a TV backdrop with a minimalist design.

With a minimalist design style, the TV backdrop doesn't require to much decoration inside. Natural colors can make the blend of colors and accents look simple and not excessive.

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The tiny TV desk or cabinet adjusts the space living room which is also limited to classic style and color. This blue paint finishing TV cabinet features a storage basket at the bottom, which can be moved and has a more prominent accent among etnhic ornaments that are closely related to the Indonesian cultural element. The low height of the TV cabinet is suitable for a relaxing room without the many sofa furniture or chairs.

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