6 Stylish but Simple Small Garden Ideas


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Homiful.com -- There are various ways to make a house look beautiful and stylish. One of them is with a unique and interesting small garden design. The neat arrangement and the selection of charming flowers are able to turn the house into a beautiful and fresh place even in narrow land. So, the house will be cool and fresh without the need to turn on the AC. And you can save on electricity costs. Beneficial isn't it ? Here we provide tips on designing a stylish small garden for your home.

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The small garden at the back of the house has an interesting design, even though it is small. To create a garden in this area, you must make a height divider between the garden surface and the back porch. Give a cement mound divider, to anticipate standing rainwater from the outdoor garden does not enter the terrace area. Give the space necessary so that the house looks spacious and makes air circulation easier.

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It is easier to decorate a small garden between spaces that on a large piece of land that requires a variety of glowing media. You can apply this outdoor area in the corner of the kitchen or as a sweetener for the relaxing area in your home. Putting a plant shelf filled with cute cacti and monstera plants in pots that can represent a garden as natural air conditioning in your home space. Stool chairs made of rattan and wooden parquet are able to warm the area, with a beautiful and elegant small garden design.

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Tips for beautifying a small garden in front of the house is to choose plants that are not too big, no need with planting media to make it easier to care for them and look tidier. Replace it with the arrangement of plant racks parallel to the sides with various types of small plants in pottery pots that have a characteristic beautiful color. 

The goal is that the house looks cleaner and the house is not covered by the plants themselves. You can also give a touch of nature, such as rooster ornaments arranged to limit the facade area. Not only does it look neat, your home looks pettier with natural nuances.

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Who says a shabby chic house is not suitable to have a garden that is synonymous with green plants. You can juggle the neglected front land area while still accentuating beautiful color accents among the greenery. Polycarbonate canopy with a vertical garden and pink potted plants can make the front of the house look more beautiful and stylish.

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Parks are not only filled with plants and flowers, you can also add a waterfall and fish pond to accent the side walls of the house, so that the morning and evening atmosphere becomes fresher with beautiful splashes of water and ornamental fish. In addition to the green plants that fill the garden, you can add coral rock as a natural accent that adorns the floor of the garden combined with fresh garden grass.

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