6 Stunning Ideas to Decorate your Small Balcony with Mini Gardens


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Homiful.com -- Parks do not have to be made in the yard. Moreover, the page is so wide. Sometimes the lawn just needs to be overgrown with tended green grass for a broad impression. But another idea that can be used is a minimalist garden model on the balcony which is quite attractive. The balcony is the most prominent part of the house on the upper floor. The small balcony in the house needs to be redesigned. One of the is adding some plants to present a small garden as a relaxing area with an expanded view.

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The first design that can be used is a balcony with green grass combined with wooden tiles arranged randomly in a unique style. The garden needs real plants. Therefore, you can add native plants that are easy to care for place it on a tall plant shelf so that it is equal to the height of a swing chair when relaxing. The light can be disguised by the vertical position of the garden which is angled with shades of green.

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If the location of the balcony is in the middle with a large courtyard garden view. You just need to make a small, simple balcony garden, like arranging several potted plants that are lined up in harmony with the balcony railing so that it can represent the concept you want. The floor can also use cermaic tiles that can enhance your balcony garden.

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There area several types of gardens that can be made on the balcony. One of them is a garden design that uses vertical shelves that are easy to move. The garden appearance will be tidier and seem like it doesn't take up space if you use a shelf. Especially if the shelf is placed vertically closer to the wall area.

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In addition to the plant shelf model that is placed on the floor, you can also use a basket-shaped plant rack attached to the balcony wall to display a simple vertical garden. Choose types of plants that are small in size, such as succulents or cacti that make the walls less full. The balcony railing in glass material with lounge chairs made of a lightweight stell frame can make a small balcony spacious.

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Create a beautiful hydroponic garden land as a useful balcony garden. To create a hydroponic garden or planting without soil media and use a healthy flow of water on your balcony, you can use tubs, plant bags made of tarpaulin, poly pipes, or plastic bottles that are no longed used. 

Having a garden on the balcony is not only useful for beautifying the appearance of the house or as a gardening hobbyist, but also contributes to improving the quality of the environment and stopping global warming.

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