6 Splendid Small Kitchens and Ideas you Can Use from Them


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Homiful.com -- Even though it is located at the back, the kitchen is an important part of the house. This is where family members prepare dishes to support energy for daily activites. Having a spacious kitchen is certainly fun, but for those of you who live on limited land, like it or not, the size of the kitchen must be minimized. However, a small kitchen doesn't mean it's uncomfortable, you know. There are several creative ways to organize a small kitchen to make it tidier and more beautiful. Here are some of them.

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The elongated kitchen with white and green nuances in the lower cabinet has a kitchen set model that is closed in the storage section to look tidier and cleaner. With that, leaving the backplash and top table less items and cooking utensils for a relief impression. Choose the kitchen items that you really need and you just use them, the others you store in the cabinet so that the appearance of a small kitchen doesn't seem messy.

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Small kitchen and ideas you can use from them appear more cool. Maximize the bottom corner of the stairs with a storage rack that is very unique in shape. Arranged vertically with wood material without finishing makes the small kitchen more aesthetic.

The arrangement of the equipment is also adjusted to the needs, kitchen ingredients are stored on an open shelf for easy reach. So that even the narrow space will not prevent cooking activities from becoming more practical.

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Add a kitchen cabinet in the middle with the concept integrated with the top kitchen cabinet. The middle position serves as a divider between the cooking space and the area where the dispenser and dining table are located in the same area. Adequate storage space, making a small kitchen tidier and cleaner even though it's combined with the dining room.

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In addition, the small kitchen wall area above the sink can also be used. Place a minimalist dish rack just above the sink with an open plastic or stainless steel material. Its function is to drain dishes from water after washing. Water dripping from wet dishes drips dwon the sink, keeping the kitchen looking neat and tidy.

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This small clean look white kitchen uses kitchen set material from HPL finishing which has a shiny and slippery texture, while at the top of the table it uses granite material so that the impression of the kitchen becomes elegant. Maximizes space height, ceiling-hight top cabinet with transparent dish dryer. The backplash area with beautiful motifs is more cheerful and fun with various interesting stickers on the lower cabinet.

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