6 Smart Vertical Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens


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Homiful.com -- Nothing is more stressful than a messy, messy kitchen which is why storage is actually a very important step. You can have a good and tidy kitchen with a neat, functional and attractive storage system. So buying more storage cabinets is not the solution to this problem as it will limit the movement space. 

In this opportunity, we'll show you smart ways to organize your kitchen and tips on vertical storage. Let's take a look at some very simple creative ideas that you can certainly apply in your own home.

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For a solid, sturdy, robust look with a classic-style engraving there is nothing better than wrought iron as a vertical storage frame. Besides having extraordinary durability, it can also complement all kitchen design styles, and can be made custom. This model shelf you can attach to the side of the wall, combined with any style, but if you are a bold person, black , gray and white will highlight wood and metal details nicely.

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This design, shows us the perfect balance of combining functionality and different materials, to create a piece of furniture of furniture that is natural. Fully costum-made, simple and open wardrobes with pendant lights complement closed storage spaces such as cabinets and cupboards, which are made with elegant wood materials. You can use this cupboard idea as a storage area if your kitchen space is large enough, so that its presence will not interfere with your activities more freely.

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To create a beautiful and comfortable rustic look, there is nothing better than the open type of wooden shelves, which make everyday kitchen utensils such as recipe books, groceries, herbs and ornaments decrate your kitchen walls. With a design like this, you will easily store and take everything more conveniently. But you aldo have be careful with this type or design, as it requires you to always clean dust.

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"Less is more" that's why you can count on these simple, linear or straight shelves. Perfect for simple and minimalist designs, linear shelves can be made according to the material of your choice, glass, steel, concrete, wood, or others. And if you paint the walls a bright color, the light brown wooden shelves will stand out, are airy and light in the closed kitchen cabinets. The appearance of a small kitchen will also be more spacious and will not feel full.

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If your home kitchen does not have a kitchen set or cabinets for hidden storage space. You can choose the concept of a vertical storage area by adding an open iron shelf with wide shels holes and can accommodate many kitchen needs in one space. To make it look neat and organized, you can store spices or cooking utensils according to their respective categories, placing them in a jar or basket that is beautifully arranged.

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