6 Small Kitchen Design Ideas that Make a Big Impact


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Homiful.com -- Living in a tiny dwelling is inevitable for some of us. Of course this is not to be regretted, but to be a challenge for us. What must we do to feel comfortable in the right conditions? Even more so if this limited space is the kitchen. Reluctant to cook because our kitchen is small, that's not a positive thing, right ? Here's the inspiration for small kitchen design ideas that make a big impact.


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All things must be adjusted to the conditions. Choose a sink and 1 stove mini-stove, for example picture, if your kitchen table and kitchen set size is not too big. Using a small sink will also help you conserve water at home. As for a brighter atmosphere, the addition of hidden light from the upper cabinet can make the kitchen set look more elegant, brown wood and white accents can give the impression of a small kitchen to look spacious and calm.

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Previously you would often see U-shaped kitchen sets, which can be a trick for small kitchen designs. You can move freely with this shaped cabinet in the middle while cooking and prepare delicious meals for the family. Also, you don't have to go the extra mile to transfer cooked food from one pan to another or into a plate. This U-shaped cabinet will be very efficient for your activities in the kitchen because you only have to turn around like to the right and left.

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You also often see the kitchen that blends with the dining room, this is because the size of the room is small. You can try to make a hidden elongated small kitchen design with a coffee bar partition that can also be used as a dining area or coffee during relaxing time. So if you want to cook, just prepare it on a bar table whose position is still in the same field element, making it more efficient and practical.

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Lighting is very important, especially for cooking activities. Thefore, pay attention to the lighting in the kitchen, such as the cooking area, washing area and other important areas. Also pay attention to any shadows of furniture that can cover the cooking area. If possible, you can choose a dominant neutral color and add small lights either in the cabinet, backplash or hanging on the ceiling to provide lighting to all corners of the small kitchen element in your home.

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The next tips for making a small kitchen feel wider is to remove the partition between the dining room and the kitchen. Besides being more efficient, this can make it easier to swith from the kitchen to the dining table. 

In addition to making the small kitchen design look more stylish, try choosing chairs and dining tables that are minimalist but still comfortable. Kitchen furniture that is too large only takes up space and causes the kitchen to feel cramped so you also have to get rid of unnecessary kitchen necessities, then store them in a closed cabinet for a tidier impression.

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