6 Pink Kitchen Kitchen Brimming with Grown up Style


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Homiful.com -- The use of palettes and color schemes is very important in you minimalis kitchen design. Because the ability of color to have a psychological influence on the viewer, it's no wonder that lately pink modern kitchen designs are gaining popularity. For chefs, a pastel pink kitchen can have a calming effect and can look mature if you combine it with the right colors. This can make the time they spend in the kitchen more relaxed.

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You can stretch the dusty pink and fuchsia colors to apply a girly and trendy kitchen concepts. Its bright nuance combines perfecttly with silver reflections from the stainless finish, ceramic backplash and other granite materials. 

The small size of the kitchen doesn't need to worry you, because pastel colors that look elegan with hidden light makes narrow spaces brighter and warmer.

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A simple minimalist kitchen that is very thick with salmon pink coloring on the lower cabinet curtains and a touch of bubble motifs on the ceramic that are applied the kitchen and backplash. Accents that look simple actually make the pink kitchen feel not too cute but still beautiful for decorating for decorating adults both girls and boys.

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The calm touch is unique because it combines contemporary vintage and shabby styles in one space. The concept that saves space, feels the maximum in this kitchen. Meanwhile, the dusty colored cabinets and roller blinds reinforce the thick vintage and shabby impression. It's more unified and defined thanks to the gray color pattern on the cabinet curtains.

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If you want to make a pink nuances design that is simpler and more practical. You can start by choosing kitchen furniture ranging from frying equipment from plastic materials, floral-patterned plates in a vintage style, coating the stove with soft colored stickers and adding a backplash section with similar wallpaper for more safety and perfect for beautiful kitchen interior design results.

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Be bolder by giving bright and striking color accents, such as bright yellow on the walls of the kitchen and small kitchen knick-knacks, combined with the colors of the pink magenta curtains and upholstery of kitchen furniture. In order to make the atmosphere cooler, the presence of indoor plants can turn a splashy accent into a natural one.

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