6 Modern Bedrooms You'll want to Stay in Forever


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Homiful.com -- Hi beautiful mother, have you never found the most comfortable bedroom design and make you feel at home for a long time ? A modern bedroom with minimalist accents and high functionality is certainly a dream for some people. As a personal space, the right design and decoration is a must if you want a comfortable impression in you home, besides that it can make your sleeping time more exclusive.

Picture : @rumah_rayyan

Everyone can see the uniqueness of this room design. On the side of the headboard wall, white paint combined with gray oaint. Sliding glass doors in the bedroom can also give the impression of a spacious room because it doesn't really need a lot of space to open it. 

A beautiful combination of white bed with wood elements, wall decorations, and some and some live plants, can display a spesial bedroom style, calm and soothing for a resting time of the day.

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Each side of the room will be exposed to the best view of the house garden or terrace, designing the room to be a warm and relaxing place. Natural lighting uses minimal lights. Try to use yellow lights to add a touch of warmth at night. 

The headboard wall looks firm, which accentuates the colored macrame decor, so that the bedroom looks cooler and attracts attention.

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It is not difficult to change the design of a modern bedroom, but it remains spacious with a standing mirror decoration. The main fork of this modern bedroom design is a large, stylish and comfortable bed. The bed is also arranged with pillows and blankets with cute motifs so that it looks pretty and warm to rest. 

Supported by the play of calm and elegant colors, the whole room becomes cooler even though there is not much room for movement.

Picture : @rumah_rayyan

The small bedroom with bright and soft coloring makes the bedroom look elegant and modern. You can combine a simple wooden divan with a yellow patterned bed cover that is in harmony with the color of the floor carpet and pillows, so as to produce a room that looks fresher and cheerful. Sleep quality will be better, if you place a wall lamp or humidifier for lighting and cool air.

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All bedroom designs and decorations can be specially designed in detail and according to taste. In order to create a spft and beautiful bedroom design, you can use pastel purple furniture on the bed cover, as well as a variety of beautiful decoartions that give a more girly and adorable effect. 

Meandwhile, the all white furniture on the vinyl floor will perfectly show the impression of elegance. The ceiling also looks alive thanks to the crystal chadelier which enhanced the bedroom design even more luxurious and modern.

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