6 Kitchen Hacks that Will Make Your Life Easy


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Homiful.com -- Arranging the kitchen at home turns out to be easy. The key is to understand the prevailing dimensions of work in the kitchen. Layout is usually a thing that is not very noticed when a man designs a kitchen. It is the kitchen layout that can determine the ease of cooking, eating and also socializing with the family. In addition, the selection of multifunctional cooking utensils makes cooking activities easier and also fun. So, Homiful.com this time will review the full story ! Let's read this review to the end.

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1. Apply the concept of open plan with dining room

Using an open plan kitchen concept with dining area can be a smart alternative to help your daily activities, especially if your home has limited space. Preparing food and drink will be much easier and more practical because you don't have to bother going back and forth to different areas of space.


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2. Choose a color accent that boosts morale

You can decorate the simple kitchen space in your home in a variety of ways. To beautify the look of the kitchen, you can present a striking color display that can enhance the sense of spirit when cooking. As with yellow, white with a firm touch of darker black color. You can also choose decoration object on a handy and easy open storage shelf with colors adjusting your kitchen theme to look like a harmonious and beautifully organized unit.

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3. Use open storage in the backplash area

Limited kitchen size is not a problem if you can make the most of the function of the space. Use this kitchenette with open storage so you can easily create practical and inspiring areas for cooking, even in the smallest spaces. All kitchen utensils and utensils, cutlery, groceries will be clearly visible and make it easier for you to reach them easily and quickly. Group and organize by their functions to have a more organized look.

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4. Maximize room height

Combine closed cabinets and open shelves. Install shelf from wooden planks on the walls to put plant decorations and all other equipment to facilitate cooking activities. Carefully organize for a more ordely look to make the kitchen look more attractive. You cramped kitchen will feel more spacious and tall thanks to the addition of hidden light that illuminates the focal point where you cook. 

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5. Minimize space with multifunctional bulkheads

Small kitchen are usually contrained in keeping the space from being privacy-friendly. Well, you can design a kitchen that blends with the mini bar as well as can be a bulkhead between spaces. Fill the windowless kitchen with varied lighting, both hanging lamp with unique style and hidden light typical of yellow light color that makes the kitchen area more comfortable and quiet.

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