6 Ideas to Make your Terrace a Walk in Paradise !


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Homiful.com -- More inspiration in making a home terrace ? Not to be far away, in Homiful.com you can get all the ideas about the house, both in terms of design, decoration, interior as well as the design of the terrace of the most favorite house. The terrace of the house is important, because the appearance of your outdoors reflects the contents of your house inside. Not infrequently, many homeowners deliberately decorate of create a terrace house specificall-y and spend a lot of time rearranging the terrace of the house for enchanting results, such as the beauty of heaven. Well, let's take a peek at the cool inspiration so you don't miss it either !

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If the front yard of your house is quite spacious, take advantage to plant a shady pot so that it can be a brewing part of the terrace that is too hot. Clean white accents look elegant with a combination of clear glass on the windows, and air circulation on all sides can still be felt thanks to the wall bulkhead that uses the roster in the middle. 

Rattan chairs that have a compact effect save space to fill the patio to relax, the "monstera" and "cactus" plants present adorn the side of the patio wall which makes the atmosphere fresher.

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For a timeless house that is gray and white. You can decorate the front porch of a house that is aligned, for example placing plant shelves with various types of flowers and ornamental plants with white pots. This concept will trend throughout the year, because the bright colors appear green and cool thanks to the presence of tiny plants in all corners of the terrace. Apply pebbles for more interesting and natural looking page surface accents. Try to choose plants of that size that do not block people's view of the terrace.

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The terrace of this modern house forms an L with the position of the main door at the elbow of the corner. The terrace floor of natural stone ceramic material can match the color of the selected patio sofa. There are wide window openings, so the air and light from outside the house can enter optimally. 

The "paris lilies" and "lee kwan you"  plants fill the vertical part of the wall to make it more lively, the relaxed atmosphere feels comfortable thanks to the presence of wooden chairs and long sofas that complement this spacious terrace.

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The paint color on the facade of the terrace of this house is suitable for those of you who are in a tropical climate. The green color combined with the cream color, white with clear glass accents makes the exsterior design more elegant and soothing. The terrace is quite small, with fence pillars that make a firm impression on the building of the house. Colorful and attractive displays with flowers plants decoration that fills the sides of the floor and the sides of the pillar walls, guaranteed to make visiting guests more enchanted.

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Talk about the design of the village house in a simple, large style and display elements of eco-friendly materials that make the atmosphere of the house more beautiful in a rustic style. There is a terrace design of the house with a large natural stone fence pillar along with the elements of the doors and wooden windows on the facade. Not too many small potted plants the facade. Not too many small potted plants on display, instead "monstera"  plants with large pots adorn the wide corners of the patio as well as hanging plants that beautify the dimensions of the roof.

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