6 Ideas for Making Your Small Kitchen look Spectacular


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Homiful.com -- Size is often the reason in designing space, including the kitchen. A kitchen with a work table and cabinets for storing utensils and cooking utensils, of course requires relatively more space. But what if it turns out that your kitchen has a space that is not too large ? You can start with a small and simple kitchen that looks ordinary and spectacular. Refill your ideas with these small kitchen options that look spectacular. Hopefully insipired.

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This small kitchen actually looks ordinary, but with a shiny metal paint finish on the kitchen set, it can change the appearance to be more charming and elegant. Measuring 2 x 2 m with a calm army green accent, it can provide coolness when cooking. Save space with a kitchen partition that is combined with the lower cabinet area with the middle part of the kitchen storage. The lower cabinet area also looks attractive, several closed and open drawers equipped with curtains make a simple but stylish combination.

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The combination of several materials in one element of the kitchen area can increase the character of a small kitchen design. Starting from the main part of the top kitchen made of glossy ceramics, natural cabinet doors made of wood and wallpaper with matching colors with a touch of motifs for a more colorful kitchen impression.

The small kitchen looks relieved by the selection of storage media that is left open on the backplash with soft colored nuances that make it calm and comfortable.

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Want a touch that is more feminine but still mature, in a small kitchen you can design it with pink, white, gray accents and yellow lighting which will produce a more modern yet girly interior design. Kitchen costum from white ceramics, then you can paint the cabinet door pink which is more stand out. As for accents that attract attention, namely the selection of a unique and stylish decoration hanging lamp model.

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This small kitchen set uses two different materials, at the bottom it is made simply from ceramic finish bricks complete with a curtain to cover the cabinet, while at the top it is made of HPL with a glossy texture in white and red which makes the simple kitchen look bolder and dynamic. The limited size certainly requires lighting so that the atmosphere is brighter and hot stuffy, so you can add a spotlight or hidden light under the upper cabinet so that the kitchen will be even more charming.

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If the small kitchen in your house feels styffy and dark. You can apply a small kitchen concept like this. Made semi-outdoor which is integrated with an indoor garden area using a glass roof or left open so that sunlight can enter the garden or kitchen area. Don't forget to always add live plants, so that the kitchen air becomes better and doesn't feel stuffy.

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