6 Green and Grey Living Room Decor Ideas


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Homiful.com -- Arranging the living room must determine a certain theme or color. This is so that the design selection and other details can match and create a warm and comfortable impression. Warmth is the soul of the living room. To create this impression, you can combine two sweet colors, namely green and gray. Both colors are very neat when combined into the main color in the living room. Take a peek at the inspirational living room layouts with the two color combinations below.

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If you are not too brave to change the living room to be dominated by green, just give it a touch of green that steals attention from the color of the decorative motifs. Like through the cushions featuring floral green leaves to put on gray sofa. It can also be artwork with green details from the addition of indoor plants, placed in various corners of the sofa which adds a sweet and fresh impression to gray and white accents that tend to be plain.


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In contrast to the previous, more visible green accents make the living room atmosphere fresher and more charming with deep colors. The dark green color is the result of choosing the color of the sofa in harmony with the green plants around it. Meanwhile, to make the living room atmosphere warmer and calmer that gray you can display it from a touch of wall decor or a combination of pillow motifs that attracts attention.

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If you crave for a soft, mature impression, the green color in the pillow and tablecloth can be paired with white and brown as the main focus of the room and gray as a neutral color that combines the two colors. The soft brown color can be accentuated by selecting a sofa that matches the tone of the room. The combination of green on the clean white walls of the room with gray carpets and black glossy colors on the guest table, this room also looks charming and elegant.

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For those of you who like a simple yet elegant living room concept, this style of space is right to be an inspiration. The combination of two warm and soothing colors can look together to create the illusion and hue in one space. The green color is used in the wall paint, while the gray is softer and more comfortable on the large foam sofa furniture with round cushions accented with darker green accents. The lilies beautify the part of the table with wooden elements that make the atmosphere calm.

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Gray is indeed a "safe" color for wall paint, sofa and other furniture in the living room. Now, if this color is very prominent in the combination of elegant and luxurious motifs on the wallpaper, try adding nuances green on the carpet, sofa and the color of the pillow motif. Will definitely add a warm and playful impression to the living room.

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