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Homiful.com -- Having a small living room is not an obstacle to designing it with the desired design. As the first area in the house, the living room becomes the most important element. Attractive styling and design area required to provide an impressive look for guests. Still confused by the business of designing a small space looking charming ? Here's the inspiration.

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A simple minimalist living room can be an ideas for a room that is not too big. Simply prepare a long sofa, coffee table or nakas, single chair and some pots filled with greenery that fill the gap in the nook of space will be more alive. The white color on the wall paint can be combined with soft and warm colored ornaments such as brown or typical wood color.

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For those of you who don't like to many color combinations, you can use white accents to dominate the small living room, so it will look modern minimalist when combined with other colors that are more soft. A small room with a high ceiling and wainscoting application can increase the appeal of your living room. The atmosphere becomes calmer and warmer as the brown parquet floors feature tapestries at the bottom of the sofa.

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The luxurious minimalist living room looks very pretty but not excessive. Coffee table of wood and ceiling lamp with rose gold color gives a charming luxurious touch. Adding a collage of mirrors to the walls is able to turn the narrow space into a wide impression. An L-shaped sofa completes the more relaxing living room.

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Although it combines different colors, it makes the appearance of a small living room more attractive. The back wall of the sofa becomes a focal point because of terrakota wallpaper decorated with unique mirrors. The torqouise sofa is in harmony with pouf and side table is able to look beautiful with a little touch of gold ornaments that look luxurious and elegant.

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For those of you who like timeless gray color. This ash white living room can inspire you. Most of the grey elements can look beautiful and modern with beautiful ornaments that are aligned. Monochrome concepts adorn the sides of the walls to make them more alive and filled. Don't forget to give nature a touch, from the indoor plants that refresh the atmosphere.

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