6 Garden Design Ideas for Your Outdoor Space

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Homiful.com -- Many argue that the existence of a garden can enhance the appearance of the house. The garden is also considered capable of providing freshness to the room of the house and with the presence of plants, of course it will also have a good effect on health. 

Maximizing the open land in the house even though it is limited, you can still create green areas that change the atmosphere of the house more comfortably. Here we present 6 garden design ideas for your outdoor space :

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A dry garden is a solution for those of you who don't want to bother taking care of a lot of plants. Practically again, dry gardens do not use live grass as ground cover, so you don't have to worry about lawn care and the muddy and muddy conditions in the garden when it rains. Cactus plants in beautiful earthenware pots in dry gardens are usually relatively easy to care for and do not require a lot of water to care for. So, besides being suitable for a small house, a dry garden is also right for those of you who are busy and don't have much time to care for the garden.

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The vertical garden can also be an attractive garden option on the front with an outdoor concept, you know. You can plant various types or ornamental plants such as orchids, cacti, paris lilies, ivory betel, and other types on the side of the guardrail which are increasingly eye-catching. Vertical garden allows you to have a lot of plants in the minimum space.

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To give the impression of a large garden with a small area, you can use grass or elephant grass in the middle of the front yard as the focal point of the garden. You can fill the edges with other plants that form a small hedge with natural shades of green. Meanwhile, to fill the garden to make it more beautiful, you can arrange a collection oof cactus plants in pots parallel to the edge of the entrance to the terrace area.

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Enjoying breakfast or drinking afternoon tea in a relaxed manner will be more fun surrounded by beautiful plants and fresh air. You can get this atmosphere by building a garden outside the dining area or coffee bar which is adjoined with the kitchen area behind the house. To minimize a small area, a vertical garden with a grass floor can be a garden design solution in your home.

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Got an unused vacant to next to the carport. You can change it to be more beautiful with an outdoor garden. You don't need a large amount of soil, you just need to arrange the plants in some pretty pots according to the concepts of the house. Arranged as neatly as possible while still leaving room for movement in the middle so that it can be used as a sports or relaxing area that has practical outdoor feel.

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