6 Dazzling Two Color Combination for Bedroom Walls


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Homiful.com -- Choosing the color of the walls for a bedroom is no small matter. The fusion of colors will provide the atmosphere and enliven the atmosphere from the bedroom. The color scheme will give a different atmosphere. If not appropriate, the room might be uncomfortable. Listen to the inspiring combination of two cool colors for the walls of the next room !


1. Combination of gold and white colors walls bedroom

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If you want a room with a warm image and a fancy view, a double combination of earthy tone with gold on your wallpaper and a bright white might be your muse's choice. The mixture of gold and white on the apposite side of the wall may give the impression of a warm, natural room. This blend of colors is perfect for you to combine furniture with other classical and ancient styles.


2. Monochrome Combinations

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A monochromatic or black and white combination would be too much if you applied half and half and stripes. But giving a black contrast to the wall on the headboard of your room wasn't a bad ideas. To enhance your appearance, you might add a white decoration ornate with soothing yellow lights.


3. Blue and white colors walls bedroom

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Presenting the blue as a statement wall along the white statement makes not only a bright impression on the child's bedroom but also cool and peaceful. A choice in soft blue would provide a cool atmosphere in the sky. A brighter blue will provide an atmosphere of water such asa restful those or ocean atmosphere.


4. Gray and pink pastel colors in child bedroom

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A child is prone to dislike the quiet decor, as you make a child's bedroom worth featuring the creative roles of gray and pink pastel colors that grace his room with the dazzling array of decorative decorations. If looks more girly with an extra star sticker that fills the top the wall that looks fresh and happy.


5. A combination of neutral colors that warm the atmosphere

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A neutral yet nonreflective gray can neutralize the strong impression of white on the side of the bedroom wall. To make a cheerful appearance, you can investigate it by changing the bed sheets to a yellow or other more vivid color. The bedroom is calmer and has certainly made your sleep more restful.

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