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Homiful.com -- For those of you who are confused because you have limited land, a garden with minimalist outdoor space can be a suitable choice. Making a minimalist garden design in a narrow area is difficult. Maximizing the land around the house both front, back side and even the roof of the house can be an interesting tips to create a beautiful and cool dwelling. Well, Homiful.com have his inspiration for you !

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In narrow grounds, often open areas in the house are left only on the side of the house. Usually this area becomes a shorcut from the front of the house to go directly to the kitchen or other back area of the house. 

Because the side area of the house is usually elongated, then the minimalist garden design and outdoor space in this narrow area should and outdoor space in this narrow area should also be adapted to the elongated pattern. For example, by putting potted plants in a straight line following the length of the available land. Also add a low-altitude rattan brekele swing for a homey relaxing area.

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The garden and outdoor space in the next narrow area, can be between two indoor spaces with open roofs and transparent roofs. Glass sliding partitions are able to provide light circulation and air can enter the entire room. Garden floor can be with wooden decking and green grass as well as iron chairs equipped with comfortable cushions as a relaxing area you enjoy the view of the greenery.

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The graden, which is joined by a small terrace area, has a rustic concept that is thick with unfinished wood elements. Easy brown paint combined with rattan furniture and a unique macrame ecoration is able to enhance the look of this garden and outdoor area is increasingly stylish. Not forgetting, to fill the cracks of the canopy ceiling, hanging plants with terracota pots color the design of this terrace garden.

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For those of you who are super busy and rarely have time to take care of the garden, minimalist garden design in the following narrow areas can be used. the Floor with synthetic grass as a bean bag base and coffee table for a relaxing area on the outdoor floor. Dry garden that uses wooden or iron trellis roof can be applied at home, because it can be at once a display of hanging plants that disguise sunlight.

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The minimalist garden design in the narrow grounds for this outdoor space may have been applied frequently. To get around the limitations of the land, creating a vertical garden area can be a surefire solution. You can place the arrangement of plant pots vertically on the exterior wall area of the house or on the fence wall. In addition, you can also create wall murals at the end of the garden as a form of creation that represents the aesthetic value of nature in the area that increasingly stand out.

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