6 Brilliant Lighting Ideas to Transform your Bedroom


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Homiful.com -- Lighting has a very important role in supporting the comfort of activities both inside and outside the home. The room cannot function optimally without proper lighting, especially the bedroom. In addition, interior lighting is a finishing touch that can enhance the aethetics so that the bedroom is brighter and more attractive. 

Basically, there are two types of lighting that can be used as a source of lighting at home, namely natural lighting obtained from sunlight and artificial lighting produced from lamps or candles. This time Homiful.com will discuss 6 Brillian lighting ideas to transform your bedroom.

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Create a fresh and energy efficient from the large lighting window located next to the bed. 

The lighting that appears from the large window beside the bed can make the bedroom atmosphere with white paint feel more comfortable and bright. Even a large bed does not make the space seem cramped, it looks more beautiful thanks to the bed cover motif in the form of green leaves and decorations from wood elements that change the atmosphere to be warm.

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Create a relaxed, calm and comfortable impression in the bedroom with yellowish central lighting. Make sure that the industrial style hexagonal light bulb that is applied as central lighting is perfectly protected within the lamp frame so that it does not produce a glare effect. Install a dimmer to adjust the intesity of lighting so that it can be adjusted to the activity.

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Change the bedroom design with maximum natural lighting. Like making half of the space with large glass windows. So when the position of the room is in the corner of the upper floor, it makes eves a small room look spacious because when the curtains are open, the atmosphere immediately fells one with the outside world at large.

Also close the position of the bed to the window, so that the rest time will get a quality atmosphere and comfortable air in your private bedroom. Use colors that tend to be softer so that the bright atmosphere can be absorbed into the coolnes of the room.

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Room height will affect lighting. when the ceiling is too hight, the lamp used can be a chadielier to reach various other areas in the room. The lighting height will also be different in each zone where it is needed. 

In addition to the main lights on the ceiling, add extra lights at several strategis points arround the room so that the room is brighter. Instead of using decorative lights that are placed on the floor, try adding decorative light under the bed that beautify the room.

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You can also get around bedroom designs that get light but at a lower cost. By paying attention to the position of the bedroom close to the garden area or waterfall as an outdoor relaxation area, with transparent glass swing window dividers. With this, the bedroom will look bright and the atmosphere will be fresh even without using AC or electric lights.

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