6 Best Minimalist Living Room Decoration for Small House


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Homiful.com -- The living room is a room usually located at the very front of a house. The small house must have a living room that is also limited in size. There's lot to look out for and pay close attention to decorating a small living room to keep it looking spacious and airy. With the right setup, your minimalist living room will give you a cozy feel and can make everyone who is in it feel at home. Here are some inspiring ideas best minimalist living room decoration for small house.

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The walls of the living room are lined with white paint and combined with wainscoting that has an elegant carved texture. Dominant colors can be easily combined with bold fancy colors as room accents to look more lively, modern and less boring like gold and brown. A minimalist living room that has a wall color like this will give the appearance of a brighter, comfortable and pleasant space.

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Avoid using a large sofa as it will make your minimalist living room feel even narrower. Choose a sofa with the right size when compared to the overall area of the room and match it with the guest table, rattan chair and standing lamp and lighting ceiling that has a light appearance to give the impression of relief and airy. Minimalist sofa with L shape for a limited size living room but filled with maximum light.

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Although you have a limited living room, you can still maximize the visual aspects by making good use of the wall function vertically. Install abstract paintings, calligraphy paintings or quotes that add to the aesthetic value of your home's living room. Fill in the empty crevices on the corners and edges of the sofa to put a small nakas or plant decoration that beautifies the red accents on the sofa.

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Having a small space doesn't make you afraid to experiment with graphic patterns and bright colors. Using white wall colors, you can combine them with unique colorful motifs that appeal to make your room more open and look boring. The contasting blue color on the sofa can be more cheerful with a touch of beautiful floral pillow cover and able to enhance the style of the look in harmony. Then create your imagination to make the living room feel more pleasant and adapt to your personality.

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The small living room, allowing you to create a higher space building, shows the part of the ceiling that supports the impression of higher and wider space. A ceiling with hidden light that illuminates the space, making the evening atmosphere calmer and warmer. It doesn't take much decoration to fill the space, enough walldecor accents to animate the sides of the walls with tiny plants decorations arranged filling the corners of the space.

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