6 Beautiful Spring Living Room Decoration with Flowers


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Homiful.com -- Spring is the time for the warm, cool dreams of a delighful home. With that, you need to decorate the interior space of your home more optimally, add ornaments that are beautiful flowers as a spring decoration and enjoy beauty and pleasure. Are you ready for creative ideas ? Here is beautiful spring living room decoration with flowers.

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If you prefer plastic flowers because they don't wither easily, be more creative with the vase you are using as the container. The flowers that are displayed in white pots are another interesting living room decoration that the others, but you can also replace the vase of lilies with glass to make it more beautiful. Use several muted and soft colors at once to make the atmosphere in the living room more cheerful.

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The living room in spring with the design and selection of comfortable sofas and attractive colors can make the atmosphere more pleasant. As for the decoration, of course so that the warm autumn can settle into your living room, you do not need to tidy up the furniture or paint the walls. Just add a few touches of greenery such as monstera, palms or chrysanthemums in a vase on the table that will bring you to the right atmosphere, which is cool and comfortable.

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The green nuance in the living room is a space theme that brings a cooler and more beautiful impression of spring. Starting from the green sofa filled with "monstera" plants which are in harmony with the appearance of the wall decor, making the living room cooler and more comfortable. You can still feel warm spring thanks to the addition of a few pillows and sofa blankets for optimal relaxing activities.

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With this design, the living room in your home will become a line of serenity and comfort. A warm evening meeting over tea will taste perfect. Thanks to the accent color space that is soft and not to flashy. Dried flowers that are more durable and long lasting can be a choice for decorating your space. A distinctive color can be combined with a brown and white sofa which make the living room look more spacious and bright.

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You can choose the right living room decoration in spring, you can choose a letter L sofa made of mattresses with a combination of soft sofa cushions to be able to blend in with the happening spring. The warm atmosphere with the floor layer of soft fur rugs can make the relaxed atmosphere more comfortable and optimal. You can arrange green plant and flower decorations neatly to fill the shelf in the corner of the sofa so that the impression of the space is more alive.

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