6 Beautiful Rooftop Garden Design Ideas


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Homiful.com -- Are you having trouble making a strategic garden because of limited land ? Apart from being a protective roof for your house, you can also use a rooftop as a multifunctional area for a family relaxing garden. As long as the design is right, maximizing the comfortable and memorable rooftop area in a small house is not a problem. If you are confused about what to design, here are some minimalist rooftop garden design inspiration for your home that you can imitate.

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You can imitate this contemporary rooftop design at home, decorating it with various types of shady potted plants in a neat arrangement covering the guardrail and leaving a central space. So you can add a floor rug or just a blanket as a relaxing base with comfortable pads that make the rooftop area more functional.

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If you want a rooftop area that can be used for various needs, you can leave it empty without any decorations that make a full impression. You can create a dry garden for a relaxing area and easier maintenance. You can use alternaive grass carpets to cover the floor and add some of the prettiest types of vines to give a natural impression to the canopy roof. Besides that, the 4 seater chairs and minimalis glass table can also complement the rooftop area that you use for a strategic place for the reading room.

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A spacious rooftop with a floor design that looks unique. The combination of striped wood paneling in the form of tiles is installed at the edges, while for the middle of the green grass, it can represent a cool green impression. Do not forget to always add a guardrail, in this garden rooftop design, using perforated flat iron with a characteristic hole hole that gibes a minimalist and airy impression but can still maintain privacy.

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Almost similar to the previous garden rooftop design. Using a hollow iron guardrail and glass with a height of about one meter, a canopy roof so that the relaxed atmosphere can feel more calm and cool. The fence is planted with lee kwan yew vines so that the gathering area is equipped with lounge chairs and comfortable bean bags and makes you feel at home feeling cool and beautiful.

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If you have a fairly wide rooftop space, you can design and decorate it as a simple relaxing area and a play area with various rides your little one likes. 

The safety and comfort aspects of children still have to be paid attention to, starting from the polycarbonate roof cover which makes it cool and safe when it rains, is limited by a strong black iron dence and decorated with hedges for a natural and cool impression on the rooftop. So that children and families can feel at home for long spending the weekend together.


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