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Homiful.com -- Having a minimalist home requires you to arrange each room to be more effective. This also applies in designing the laundry room area at home. The laundry room at home doesn't need to be too big but it can fulfill all its activities. Of course the room has to be efficient and it needs to be well designed. The function of the room as a laundry and ironing and drying room is a room that needs to be owned in the house. Decorated in such a way so that the house doest not seem messy, remains beautiful and organized.


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Utilizing the more efficient area under the stairs for this laundry room is perfect for placing in a small house. A cabinet that has several drawers you can use for a storage area with a cute baskets to make it look neater. White accents that are similiar to automatic washing machines can make the area feel spacious. In addition, you can place an automatic washing machine with a front door in the lower cabinet and at the top as a save-saving iron mat.

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If you have a large back or rooftop area, combining a laundry area with a coffee bar can be a creative solution for those of you at home. Using a balck hollow iron canopy roof and tempered glass as a weather-safe drying area, besides that, so that the floor is not slippery, you can use coral gravel and green grass with other plant decorations that are hung, so that the area that looks spacious has a more cozy atmosphere for various activity.

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Laundry room does not have to be in an outdoor area which is combined with the drying area. Because it doesn't have to be large in size, you can place this laundry room in the house, one of which is to maximize the corner of the space directly adjacent to the back porch area. 

By adding a wooden table with dimensions of use as a place for a washing machine, it can be used as an ironing board. Floating that is arranged vertically can be a storage medium that seems tidier. The atmosphere for washing and ironing activities will also fell comfortable and energy efficient because of the corner position of the room which has a wide swing window.

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The laundry room has a clean white nuance that looks homey. In place with a soace size of around 1,5 x 1,5 m you can complete it with 2 washing machines next to each other. Menawhile, to store detergent or other washing needs, you can use a wall shelf attached to containers that fit your category and needs. As for the drying area, using the iron ceiling can save time and space in your laundry room.

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Want a more natural and beautiful atmosphere ? You can decorate the laundry room like the picture above. A wall with cream paint and a beautiful floral sticker wallpaper can be combined with exposed brick material as high as half a meter. So that it looks more attractive and beautiful for a washing atmosphere. The floor uses unfinished material because it is believed to be safer and less slippery. The fast absorption of water makes the laundry area also not damp so it becomes comfortable.

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